Yellow Labrador Training Tips

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Yellow Labrador Training Tips

Yellow lab puppies are not only cute but make brilliant family pets. Their particular intelligence makes them wonderful to work with and straightforward to train if you’re sure of what you are doing. You should however, as with any puppy, you need to start training during infancy, to make sure that, one day, your puppy will be your best friend.  Part one of yellow labrador puppy instruction entails housebreaking. 

Bathroom training is vital. The best way to be successful quickly, it’s best to set a consistent routine  for taking your puppy outdoors. It’s essential to use a simple command to let him know when the time is right to relieve himself. Consistently bringing your puppy outdoors every two hours, with just one, quick instruction, for example “go potty”, is the easiest way to start.  Extending the time intervals will eventually make life easier, while still giving your puppy the message that relieving himself must be performed outdoors. Sooner or later they’ll start to understand precisely what you expect of them. This probably w
ill involve as much education for the dog owner as for the puppy

The next yellow lab training tip you should focus on is how to walk your pup on a leash. This really is something you have to get right. Many labradors are immensley powerful as demonstrated once when on a camping holiday with friends. I was amazed with the strength of my friend’s yellow labrador retriever. We tied him to a boat trailer whilst we pitched the tent (to stop him wandering off and causing trouble). The trailer had a boat on it that was packed to the gunnels with sailing and camping gear. Lord knows just how much it weighed. At that time, another hound wandered onto the site and came up growling at our lab. He rapidly tried to chase this dog off even though he was still attached to the trailer. He managed to drag it a number of yards before it ground to a halt. It was astounding! For this reason it is so important to have them walk under control on the leash.

Although a yellow lab is  a really powerful and independent dog, it is also one who would like to please. This means it is important to teach them to walk alongside you, and not in front or behind. Continually turn your puppy in the opposite direction when he begins to pull at the leash, returning to your original direction only when he has settled down.  That way, your puppy regards you as the leader, which is essential in other aspects of behavior training.
  All puppies bite as they teethe. Another problem to check is biting as soon as they teethe. Bear in mind that this is a natural thing for dogs. What you must do here is use that instinctive behaviour in a positive way. In other words, let them bite the appropriate things. A common theme here (and in fact all dog training) is to gently correct unacceptable behavior. Don’t shout at them or smack them. All this will do is frighten then and fear is no good as a training aid (despite what some idiots think). Personally, I have found the best way is for the pack leader to be dominant (make sure you are the one in control) but also turn everything into a game. I have been told by some self proclaimed experts that this is called “play training”. I know many people who have done this through the years but were quite unaware that it was “technique”.

Along the way make sure you teach them what is an acceptable thing to bite, and that doesn’t include people, no matter if done in play.  To reinforce this you must  give them many rubber toys or rope to chew on until their teeth grow fully. If and when they do bite you, gently correct them and continue use a toy as a substitute.

  Your yellow lab puppy is actually a bundle of energy, just needing direction. It’s no surprise this breed is often utilized in police work, search and rescue and guide dog service. 

Successful yellow lab puppy training must have a good balance of physical activity, and strong, consistent instruction. You should always work with  your puppy employing positive, and consistent mindset, never using punishment to correct undesirable behavior. Before long, you will end up with a loyal loving dog.

By: Kim J Overmars

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