Therapy dog training probably reminds us all of the famous Cesar Milan and his show on the National Geographic Channel. For those of you who are looking to get into therapy training check with your local trainers or people who specialize in this type of service teaching this magnificent skill.

The type canine training experts we are usually familiar with are the teachers who are able to get your dog to respond to all the general commands of sit, stay, come and no barking. They can train dogs successfully but they may not be therapy dog training specialists.

A dog will have to be trained not to be distracted by other animals or general noise from people and vehicles. It must be able to walk on a loose lead and stop ,sit upon command. The dog must be able to handle being touched and spoken to by complete strangers.

Are you looking for a dog that has already had therapy dog training? People tend to think that pure breed dogs will make good therapy dogs. However there are a lot of cross breeds that will do the same. Check with local dog pounds for dogs that may be what your looking for. Ask the attendants if they can tell you what dogs they have that might meet your criteria. The other thing to consider when selecting is the size of dog you want to have. That should not poise a problem as long as the dog meets the requirements as set for by the different dog services.

There are different services that require therapy dogs and they have classes for you and your dog to master and gain the experience you will both require to be happy. You will find that the volunteer services that require therapy dogs will be listed either on the computer or your local telephone guide or You will also find that if you Google therapy dog training the help you need should appear in the search results.


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