So You’ve Adopted a Rescue Dog and He Isn’t Housebroken – Options For Housebreaking an Adult Dog

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When you think of house training a dog, it’s usually a puppy that comes to mind. It makes sense to consider house training a part of a puppy’s “growing up stage”. Unfortunately for some dogs, that just isn’t the case. If you adopt a dog or get a rescue dog, you really don’t know how they were trained as a puppy. Some dogs may have been outdoor dogs and house training never was an issue for them. For the previous owner, the accidents the dog had in the house may have been treated as “just part of owning a dog”. Perhaps that was the straw that broke the camels back and made the previous owners get rid of the dog. Whatever the reason, now you’re faced with house training your new adult dog.

Older dogs are set in their ways, more so than puppies. An older dog has a set routine or behavior that will be hard to break. That doesn’t mean that you can’t housebreak an older dog, it will just take more patience and time. The most important thing to keep in mind is the older dog will take more time an attention to introduce them to a new routine. When you establish the new bathroom routine with your dog, use lots of encouragement and treats to re-enforce the new behavior. The deliberate new routine will have to be practiced regularly which is where patience comes in. You can teach old dogs new tricks, so don’t get discouraged!

An important thing to keep in mind in the early stages is to keep the amount of change you introduce to the new dog to a minimum until the dog is housebroken. To many new routines or changes in the dog’s environment will only confuse him and make the training longer. Keep an eye on your dog to mimic some of his natural routines in the beginning. Once you have the housebreaking fixed you can start working on some of his other “bad habits”.

I had the same experience with my dog Jake. What I saw as a near impossible task was actually pretty easy by following a few simple tips. Check out my Housebreaking Tips and download the Free Report where I talk about the challenges I had and how I housebroke my adult dog.

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