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I had my first pet back in 1985 – a puppy. It was actually not intentional as my parents were against the idea of keeping a puppy because there was just too much responsibility involved. However, it was a case of bullying that got me my first puppy. Yes, somehow my brother’s dog did not like his son and insisted on biting him and the little puppy was only 3 weeks old. Not wanting the poor puppy to grow up into a depressed and unhappy dog, he came under my care and that was how I had to start my search for puppies training tips as I did not want my parents to throw the puppy out for messing up our house!

Back then internet was still not popular so my knowledge had to come from books and books on puppies training were rather expensive. If the internet had been as easily accessible at that time, I would not have to burn a hole in my pockets! Recently, I had to help a friend to look for a good puppies training manual which is both informative and inexpensive and I happened to chance upon an online book – “Secrets To Dog Training”.

What is “Secrets To Dog Training” all about?
If you have just bought or adopted a puppy or a dog, you will need to train it so that it will listen to your instructions and not mess up your house. You will need a training manual that provides reliable content and workable methods for training your new pet. Upon comparison with the numerous puppies training books that I’ve read, I must say that the content covered in this book is very useful and easy to comprehend. The important point to note is that it is written by seasoned professional dog trainer who has many years of experience in dog training so his advice and tips are not based on theories only but have been tried and proven to be effective.

“Secrets to dog training” is an ebook that you can easily download from the internet immediately after you’ve made payment. What makes this manual effective and simple to use is that you will also get a 30 minutes video recording which helps you to easily learn the remedies to the common doggy misbehaviour that you would want to correct in your own puppy or older dog. In fact, the video recordings give such clear demonstrations that you can be off to try them out on your own puppies right away!

I was expecting this ebook to only talk about puppies training but how wrong I was. A lot of information is given in this ebook such as:
• How to select a suitable puppy?
• Where is the best place to get your new puppy?
• What important information you need to know about the breed of your puppy?
• How do you ensure that your home is safe for your new puppy/dog?
• How often should you bring your puppy to the vet?
• How do you correct the behavioral problems in your puppy?
• How can you prevent separation anxiety?
• How do you know if your puppy is sick?

Would I recommend this product?
The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!” because it is definitely a worthwhile investment. I thought I know everything about puppies training since I’ve started keeping dogs since I was a teenager but this book puts me to shame! I have read a lot of books on puppies training but nothing comes close to “Secrets to dog training”. I was most impressed by the section on dog whispering which teaches you how to train your puppies or dogs through communication and mutual respect instead of punishments. There are even step-by-step instructions for you to easily follow and apply immediately.

At such a low and affordable price, you not only get tons of puppies training tips and information, a step-by-step dog training manual, a video clip of practical solutions and even 4 bonus informative ebooks! Wow! A lot of times you get free bonuses that are basically useless but with this purchase, you get bonuses that you can use on your puppy such as how to groom your dog, how to resolve canine aggression problems, how to train your dog to keep your house safe, etc.

You can really solve a lot of your doggy problems when you purchase “Secrets to dog training” because you are even receive free consultations from a member of the Kingdom of Pets team by simply sending them an email with your queries! It is the first time I come across a company that caters to its customers needs even after the purchase has been made.

The only problem I get from buying this product is that I have a lot of reading and watching to do! I learnt a lot of puppies training tips from the ebooks and I had so much fun training my puppy after that. If only this product had been around in the past, I would not have made so many mistakes when I was training my earlier puppies!

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know

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