Scratch Pants – A Dog Training Aid For Protection

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The most important factor that has to be kept in mind while training a dog is the safety of the trainer. During the course of training a dog for guard, protection and attack purposes, a dog has to be trained in such a manner that the trainer is in total control of the dog’s aggressive behavior.

This type of training involves a lot of aggressive actions for the dog to begin with. The most threatened individual is the trainer who is also the target in this case. The dog is required to attack the trainer or his assistant on command and is also required to back off when ordered.

In most of the case the main point of concern is the canine’s bite and normally his razor sharp nails are over looked which actually spring out when the dog goes in to attack mode. To prevent any unwanted scratches on the body as the dog attempts to grab the arm of the trainer, he rests his front paws on the target’s upper thighs while carrying out their action. It is necessary that the trainer should be well protected from the dog’s nail scratches and the most ideal dog training aid for this purpose is the scratch pants.

Scratch pants are made of thick material with filling inside and forms a protective layer to prevent any scratches. In some cases when a trainer falls down and the dog in an aggressive mode attempts to continue his attack, the scratch pants gives him protection as well.

This dog training aid has been found to be of immense utility for the trainers to remain safe and for the dogs is an ideal way to continue his aggressive training without being halted unnecessarily. If you are planning to train your dog always make sure that you are safe. If you feel that your dog’s aggression is not being channelized and controlled on your command, take professional advice for it.

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know

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