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My next door neighbor, a very cruel man, don’t realize that when he goes to do his ten hour truck driving job and leaves his black Labrador closed in a four by six cage, that his dog keeps barking all day long at things like noises, at footsteps of people inside their homes, at sirens, at birds.

He barks not because he likes it but because he is lonely, frustrated, anxious and also sometimes scared. And also sometimes he barks to protect his region, sorry to say which is made up of leftover poop, an over turned water bowl, and a toy the dog outgrew after the first week it was brought to the house- single shabby chew toy. Dog-training books- have you ever heard of it, you naïve human?

Even though, you get home amidst all of the barking, you still take your own sweet time eating before it even crosses your mind to release your alleged beloved pet. Great Pet related site http://www.pleasepetme.com. Even after retrieving your dog from the cage you go off to surf the internet for porn, sports or whatever, by leaving that poor creature all by himself in a secluded room. As an alternative you could try your hands at reading some of the EASY-to-comprehend dog-training books, so that you can train you dog to do a lot of things like sitting besides you instead of a dark room away from you.

Amazon.com or many other online book stores, that you can use to obtain your bog-training books so that you can train you dog and teach him not to bark at every living being and every change in weather. Sorry to burst your bubble but amazon is not where you will find amazons to please your desires, and powells isn’t a synonym for closet masochists. If we could then we would be talking to the dog instead, who seem to posses more sense than you even if that means getting news about every interruption or even to chew every piece of leather, but this is for your education

By reading some of the thousands of common or precise dog-training books you could probably learn why your dog keeps on barking or what will stop him from devouring the furniture- the reason you use to lock your dog outside so that he can trouble you neighbors, who work at home for a living too, instead of you. We have chosen not to have dogs and thus we don’t want to take responsibility for or even hear that poor dog. On the other hand it is time you took responsibility for your decisions. It is high time you get a number of dog-training books or even better some human-training book cause the dog doesn’t seem to be the problem, you do.

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know

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