Jack Russell Training to Prevent Chewing by Richard Cussons

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Chewing is common among dogs. They do not chew to purposely destroy your belongings because they are angry or spiteful. A dog’s mouth is actually not just for eating or destroying things only. To creatures who don’t have hands just like humans do, the mouth is the best tool to pick up and check on things and transport things from one place to another. They also use their mouth to communicate which is very important especially in jack russell training. Chewing therefore is a natural behavior of dogs and you cannot just training them to stop chewing completely.

The best thing to do in order to handle this situation is to train them what they can and cannot chew. Keep your belongings out of your pet’s reach. Shoes, socks, books and other things you do not want destroyed should not be left lying around. Even old shoes, clothing and socks should not be given to dogs to chew on because they cannot tell the difference between the old and new.

Since it is not right to totally curtail a dog’s instinct to gnaw on things, direct his attention to things that you want him to chew such as chew toys. Your dog should have lots of it and must be appealing in order to keep him interested. If your dog is fond of chewing things with your scent on them, leave the toy in your laundry hamper for days before giving them to your dog. You may also want to rub something tasty or stuff the toy with anything your dog finds rewarding. When you feel like your dog is up to something, remove the item and give him chew toys instead to divert his attention.

When shopping for dog toys, choose toys that are safe for your pet. Toys that are easily broken or with small parts can be dangerous to your pet so beware of these items. There are also washable toys available.

And just like other behavior problems, the desire to chew can be minimized with regular exercise. Dogs that are physically and mentally stimulated are less likely to get bored thus they are also less likely to chew and become destructive. Interesting and fun jack russell training is the way to go!

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