Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Steps to Success

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Training your Golden Retriever should start immediately, with good puppy training. This article will show you how to begin.

Golden Retriever puppies are adorable and love to play. During this young and wiggly phase of your dog’s life, it is important to begin training. Your puppy is a baby, and although he may be distractible, but he will learn quickly at this stage. Now is the time to create familiar routines that will help you throughout your training, as your puppy matures.

Bringing Home Baby.

Golden Retriever training should begin as soon as you get your pup home, by making sure he knows where his food and water are, where he will go to the bathroom, and where he will sleep. This is also the ideal time to begin teaching your puppy what times of day are appropriate for sleeping. If your own daytime and nighttime schedule is a smooth routine, there is a greater chance that you can train your dog to be active primarily when you are.

The World is a Chew Toy.

Your Golden Retriever puppy training will need to address your pup’s natural love of chewing. Provide appropriate toys for your dog to chew, make sure he isn’t ripping them apart and swallowing any harmful material, and try to puppy-proof your house as well as possible. If your puppy starts to chew something inappropriate, address bad behavior immediately — usually a sharp “No!” will do throughout your obedience training, as long as you are consistent in addressing any problems. Praise good behavior immediately with pats and cuddles. Your puppy may give in to temptation a few times at this stage, but if you keep up your constant training, he’ll learn fast.

On the Leash.

You can also begin leash training at this stage of your Golden Retriever puppy training. Start around the home, to make sure your puppy is familiar and comfortable with the leash before you take him out in public. You can let him get accustomed to his collar and leash indoors or in the backyard. Once he is used to these new objects, try picking the leash up and calling your puppy’s name. When he comes, praise him right away so he will know he’s being a good boy! If you start indoors and then take him into the backyard, soon he will associate the leash with his outside time, and be eager to obey.

These topics will give you a good start in your Golden Retriever puppy training. While you’ll have many more areas to cover in your dog training, consistency will be the key to your success. As your Golden Retriever puppy grows, he will learn quickly and be eager to please you. Make sure he knows what you want, reward good behavior, and give him lots of practice, and you’ll soon be on your way toward having a fully trained dog.

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