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I know you can relate to this leash training situation: You decided to take your dog for a walk, you pick up the leash and attempt to put it on him and he runs around the house like the Tasmanian devil! Whether your dog likes going on walks or not, this is the usual reaction for an untrained dog. Once you get the leash on him, you open the door and he runs out of the house again like a mad man, attempting to sniff, bark and chase anything in site. As the owner, and alpha male this is where your dog training techniques comes in, you must take control of this wild situation and let your dog know he will only get to go for a walk on your terms.

If you allow your dog to take control of this leash training situation, then your entire walk is set to fail your dog training techniques. If your dog cannot stay in control before you put the leash on him, then how do you expect him to stay calm during the walk? If you want your dog to be calm and walk with you on his leash then you must have him be calm before the leash even goes on.

Most dogs will give you a reaction when the leash is pulled out let alone before it is even hooked to their collar. This is when your job as the owner is to take control and let your pup know he must relax, and stay calm before the leash training starts. Make your dog sit and stay while you hook on the leash. If he or she does not stay still and look as if they are calm, then you must delay the walk until he or she is acting in accordance with your commands. If you give in and let your canine walk while he is out of control then he will learn it is OK to run wild around the neighborhood. Always stay in control during your dog training techniques.

While doing your dog leash training it is a good idea to have a walk warm up before you go anywhere. Almost all dogs will learn quickly that unless they sit and stay when the leash is being attached, they will not get to go outside. The main idea behind walking your four-legged friend is getting them to walk beside you throughout your entire walk.

If your dog is still pulling the leash after it is attached just stay calm and stand still until he or she relaxes

and sits beside you. The most importance lesson you can take from this article is understanding that unless

your dog is standing beside you, you are not going anywhere. Let them bounce around on the leash all they want, you will not take one step until he or she is in a calm state of mind.

Leash training a dog is a process in your dog training that may take a little longer than you may like. But its not hard to accomplish, and the secret is to always stay in control, make your dog do what you want him to do, not do what he wants to do! To learn more of these dog training secrets then click over to my dog training technique blog.

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know

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