Dog Training Techniques For New Owners

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Dog Training Techniques For New Owners

Just about any dog can be trained without harming or being cruel to your animal. You should never use violence when correcting bad behavior as all this will do is make your dog afraid and could eventually lead to the dog striking back in self defense. Here are some dog training techniques for new owners.

For best results it is better to start with a puppy. An older dog can be trained but you may find it much more difficult. This may be especially true with a large dog that may be hard to handle once full grown. A puppy will usually learn quickly and easily.

Though you should always be kind, you should use a commanding voice when giving commands. Your tone of voice may be more important than any other dog training techniques you may use. Dogs will respond more to the tone than the words you use.

They also have a sound device that you can use for dog training. This emits a low pitch sound that only dogs can hear. This can have an adverse effect though; some dogs may try to attack the device. Dogs do not like this sound and you might use this to help correct their behaviors.

Consistency and routine are very important. They need to know what you expect and when. If you are not consistent then you dog will get mixed signals and may make behavior worse or reinforce bad behaviors. If you expect your dog to go outside to the bathroom then you need to be willing to take him each time he needs to go out.

There are many dog training techniques available. You may need to try different things to find what your pet responds to the best. Not all techniques will work with all dogs. If you find a dog you absolutely cannot do anything with then you may consider obedience school.

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