Dog Training Problems-How to Correct Your Dog’s Training Problems by Mike Sorian

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Dog training problems are so commonplace because almost all of us attempt to train our dogs without the benefit of a good training program. Almost all of us make the same common mistakes when training our dogs. Making mistakes during the training results in dogs that are only partially trained and still have some behavior issues, and only sometimes listen to our commands .

Communicating with your dog the wrong way is one of the most common roadblocks to successful training. Many of us make the mistake of talking to our dogs as if the dogs were human, instead of canines. Many people really spoil their dogs. As with children, puppies and dogs need lots of guidance to learn how they fit in with the rest of the family and how to behave properly. If you haven’t already learned from a really good dog training book or video program how to properly go about training your dog, it is very likely that you will have a variety of dog training problems.

Dogs communicate with each other quite effectively. Dogs communicate effectively through the use of body language and a variety of vocalizations.

You can avoid many of the common dog training problems by first learning from a good obedience training book about dog psychology and dog body language. Train your dog correctly from the beginning, and resolve many dog training problems before they even start.

Even if you started training your dog with imperfect results, or if you have adopted a dog with behavior problems, it is not to late to correct any mistakes already made. You can start using one of the good on-line dog obedience training courses, and learn a step by step approach to positive dog training. Each of the better programs that I have reviewed features positive training methods. These positive methods teach you the value of using positive reinforcement -praise and rewards from the trainer when the dog correctly does what it is commanded to do.

The best dog obedience courses also teach you the importance of being the alpha dog. You need to learn the types of vocal tones and body languages to use that are easy for your dog to understand. By becoming the alpha dog yourself, you gain your dog’s respect, trust and confidence. After you have learned how to be the alpha dog, you will see your dog eager to pay attention and follow your lead. You do not need to be harsh or negative to become the alpha dog. Just by projecting the right type of attitude to your dog, you show him you are the leader. It is your dog’s nature to want to please its alpha leader. If you can establish yourself as the alpha dog, you will be on your way to solving your dog training problems.

Training problems resulting from incorrect techniques or neglected training are easily noticeable. These are familiar problems like dog aggression towards other dogs or people, jumping up on people, barking excessively, running away, or not coming when called. By using the right techniques and a consistent training regimen, these problems are all correctable. Several short training lessons every day are needed to get good results with the obedience training. This is even more true with problem behaviors that have already become habituated. None of these problems begins overnight, so likewise it takes some time to overcome the problem.

However, the good news is you can get started with correcting these dog training problems as soon as you learn how. If you are the owners of a puppy, you can use a good program’s information to avoid dog training problems right from the beginning. Whether you have a young puppy or a full grown dog, it is always important for your success to use the techniques of the best trainers.

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know


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