Dog Training Methods That You Can Use

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Dog Training Methods That You Can Use

There are a few different dog training methods that you can use to turn your unruly hound into a well behaved canine that you can be proud of. Everybody would like to have the type of dog that will stay by your side and obey your every command. This is something that you can achieve if you use the right training method for your dog. Some dogs respond to one method while another dog will need to be trained in another way. So now let’s consider some different methods for training your dog.

Clicker Method- First, let’s talk about the clicker method. In this method the trainer uses a tool called a clicker. The way to do this is to start simple. For example, if you want to teach your dog to sit, you can achieve results by making him sit down and praising him. When he does this just by hearing a command you reward him (with a treat, or praise, or both) and make the clicker noise. As you repeat this process your dog will learn that the clicking sound means that he has done something right. Once you have gotten to this stage there is no limit to the things that your dog can be taught. This can be one of the most effective dog training methods.

Reward vs. punishment methods- These methods are pretty self explanatory. With the reward method you show your dog what you want him to do and give him a reward when he performs correctly. This method can be very effective. Most dogs do very well with this method. The punishment method works a little differently. With this method you punish your dog when he does something wrong. For example, when he pees on the carpet you would punish him in some way that you have found gets his attention. For most dogs the reward method works much better than the punishment method.

In conclusion, there are a few different effective dog training methods. It is important that you find one that works for you and your dog.

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