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Dog Training – Leash | Collar
 by: Mdarma

There are several types of dog training programs in the market. It is very important that you select, the most suitable program to train you dog. The dog-training program must cover trainings that you want your dog to follow. It is important to have a talented and faithful dog for you and your family. The successful program must reinforce the relationship between you and the dog. A good dog-training program will help you to get the respect of the dog.

This part will cover the leach or collar training. The leash is the main form of controlling and communicating with the dog in leash and collar training. This is the most popular method of dog training. The other successful and effective method is the reward training. Reward training is also called as positive reinforcement training program.

Both leash and collar training and reward training have been around for a very long time, and they have proven their effectiveness over time. We must understand that the type of training that works best will vary from dog to dog, and from breed to breed. It is important to remember that each breed of dog has its own unique qualities, reinforced by hundreds of years of selective breeding.

Leash and collar training is the best way to train a dog. However, as a owner, you are in a better position to understand the dog to determine which style suits well. The ultimate goal is to have an obedient, willing and a faithful dog.

In leash and collar training, varying degrees of force has to be applied, ranging from slight prompts with to a very harsh correction. The amount of correction used should be appropriate to the situation. Remember that using too much correction, or too little, will be ineffective.

When using leash and collar training, the dog must be trained to trust the handler and accept his or her directions and commands without question. In order for the dog to be fully trained, the handler must demonstrate the ability to place the dog into a posture or position he or she does not want to take. This does not mean using force, but it does generally require some level of physical manipulation. This manipulation is most easily and safely done using the main tool of leash and collar training – the leash.

It is important for every, would be dog trainer to understand that the leash is simply a tool and yet an important tool in this form of training. Even when the only tools at hand are the owner’s body and skill, the dog should be willing to obey. Creating a leader/follower relationship between handler and dog, and it is important to use the leash as a tool and not a crutch. A properly trained dog should be willing to obey whether the leash is present or not.

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