Dog Training – How To Handle Outdoor Dog Training

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Dog Training – How To Handle Outdoor Dog Training

Dog training can be carried out indoors but most people believe that it is better to train dogs outdoors. Indoor training is ideal when training a dog because the location offers an environment with minimal distraction. It also allows you to get the full attention of your dog. With indoor training, it should be easier for you to influence your dog with rewards when he performs well.
On the other hand, outdoor training suggests a location with greater distraction. Open training grounds have greater presence of external stimuli that may catch the attention of your dog and cause it to lose his focus. However, outdoor training also offers that different environment that your dog will need when learning advanced obedience skills. In fact, training the dog outdoors is an essential part of any dog program.

Outdoor training follows on directly from your dog having mastered the skills developed during indoor training. Dogs are more prone to distraction when training outdoors. Thus, the dog obedience skills that your dog has already achieved will be very useful as you expose him to the higher level of outside interruption. The efficiency of this training lies in your ability to handle your dog with basic commands. The dog obedience commands that you have instilled within your dog will serve as a strong foundation so to allow him to focus to this new training phase, in spite of the different stimuli present around him. Although outdoor training is more difficult to handle than indoor, there are ways to make things a little easier.

Firstly, do not train your dog in a location with too many probable distractions. Select a quiet and spacious location. That is the ideal setting as you start the outdoor training. Then, gradually expose your dog to the wider outdoor environment. If your yard is fenced, unleash your dog and let him roam around. This will help him become familiar with the new sights and smells that are not present indoors.

Secondly, proceed to introduce walking practice. The driveways or the backyards are good examples of good training locations where you can walk your dog immediately after the indoor training. Training your dog to become obedient in the open environment may take time. Even the simple walking activity outdoors may requi
re a longer period of practice. Dogs are easily distracted with the presence of an audience. Therefore, ensuring the dog is comfortable when moving with the crowd is just one among many of the challenges that to be faced by the trainer or dog owner. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell, sound, and sight in the outside environment. Therefore, you need to train your dog to utilize these senses in a way which results in them responding positively and with obedience.

Lastly, each dog is unique. This is a very important fact to be remembered by every dog owner. The various stimuli present outside may sometimes cause your dog to become calm, but some dogs may give an opposite reaction and get too excited once exposed to such stimuli. So study and learn your own dog’s characteristics. It is then highly important that you plan your training program in accordance with your dog’s individuality.

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