Dog Obedience Schools – Train Fido to Fetch and Behave

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Is Rover exhibiting bad manners and behavior problems? Then it is time to find a dog obedience school for him. Even if your pup is not having any issues, this type of training program can still be a benefit. Man’s best friend loves to learn and taking classes with him can be fun and rewarding for you both.

The goal of a good dog obedience school is to improve the lines of communication between the canine and the owner. The program teaches you to rely on your dogs signals to understand what the dog’s need are. Classes will teach your pup to watch for your signals so she can understand what you would like her to do. You want to be able to trust that your pup will listen to you in any situation or environment, both for her safety and the safety of others. Classes will help you accomplish this goal.

Typically, it is recommended to start your canine off in puppy classes, sometimes called puppy kindergarten. Puppies are easy to train and when you start teaching them young, they quickly learn to watch you and listen to your commands. Classes get them off to the best possible start. Maybe you have adopted an older doggie though. No worries, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks! Classes will help you correct behavior problems such as jumping, digging and chewing. Your best friend will also learn good manners.

There are various training techniques, and the style used by the dog obedience school down the road may be different from the one that is two blocks over. Ask questions before you sign up for classes. Some schools use traditional training. This means using physical corrections to teach. Often times, pinch collars or choke chains will be used in traditional style training to correct a dog’s behavior. If this is something that you are not comfortable with, keep reading as you do have more options.

Clicker training is a non-physical from of training often used by a dog obedience school. These classes will implement a tool called a clicker. The clicker uses positive reinforcement to help your pup learn. When they exhibit good behavior, then they hear a click (which they come to learn means “good girl” or “good boy”) and the click is then followed by a treat or reward of some type.

Sometimes a dog obedience school will employ a combination of different styles of training techniques. Only you can decide what is right for you and your pup. Be sure to ask questions regarding the methods used to find out if this will be the type of class you desire. Find out what you need to bring to class. Does the trainer provide treats or should you bring your own? Will you be working with your dog on or off leash? If the answer is on, what length leash will you need? Will a simple buckle collar be sufficient? Will you be in a private training session or will this be a ‘class’ with other dogs? Know what answers you are looking for before you start calling around. When you find a trainer that can answer these questions and you feel confident it will be a good fit, schedule your sessions!

Dog obedience school information can be found all over the internet. Dog obedience schools are important for owners who don’t have the time to go through the lengthy process of training their dog.

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Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know

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