Dog Leash Training – Simple Tips to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

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Imagine a situation where your lovely dog drags you around a park because he got excited looking at a cute little poodle or the colorful ice cream truck that is parked nearby. If your dog is a big one, you could actually get dragged a couple of blocks before he stops. Embarrassing isn’t it. It is always better to control dog behavior while your dog is still a puppy. Even other wise it is never too late for a dog leash training exercise.

Make Him Familiar

Before starting dog leash training, just allow your dog to explore the leash and play around with it. He might drag it around the house a couple of times and stop eventually. Plug the leash to his collar and let him free for a while until he is comfortable with it.

Choose a command

It is time for dog leash training. Take your dog for a walk and hold on to the leash. Dogs are very curious, so they would get excited about everything they see. Some times so excited that they would want to sniff or even take a bite at something immediately. Every time your dog pulls on the leash and tries to move ahead of you, stop walking and use a command like “heel” or “come here”. Keep repeating it until your dog walks towards you. Reward him with his favorite treat every time he responds to your command and also praise him with an excited tone of voice.

Stay Put

If your dog still does not respond, just stay where you are and completely ignore the dog. Your dog will eventually turn around and look at you with an expression that could be interpreted as “What is wrong?” Use the command and when he walks towards you reward him again.

Ensure the leash is of the appropriate length. The ideal distance between you and your dog should be only a few feet. Dog leash training could take some time, so be patient with your dog. It is a worthwhile investment, which could save you hours or frustration and embarrassment.

These steps enforce the basics in dog leash training but if these quick fixes are not working then it is time to roll your sleeves and get to work. I have used many such exercises on my dog Max to make him well behaved. click here to Learn all about dog training and read detailed reviews of the best dog training resources available.

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