Chihuahua Dogs – 3 Important Tips You Must Know by Clarence Clark

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The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog and for those not in the know, it is named after a little known state in Mexico. The average height of the Chihuahua is around 15 to 25 cm – yet there are some rare cases where some of these dogs can blow up in size and grow all the way up to 15 inches tall. Interestingly enough, those dog experts in the UK and America all agree that for a dog to be aptly named a Chihuahua, it needs to follow certain requirements, which in the case of its weight, it cannot weigh an ounce over 2.7kg.

Chihuahua are also one of the more popular dogs which are entered into dog shows, and over the past few years, they have been snapping up some rave reviews and doggy awards. Chihuahuas are the celebrity dogs in the paparazzi pound house and owning one means you own a diva of a dog.

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size, these dogs are actually better known for their ferocity and temperament towards other dogs. But they are also one of the more fiercely devoted dogs with extremely colourful personalities.

These dogs have been paired with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan .They are extremely personable on a good day and can be the cutest thing to own. While they have the infamy of being one of the more temperamental dogs out there, with the proper training, they can be one of the best companion dogs out there.

One of the more quirky tips you should know about the Chihuahua is the fact that they have a predisposition to ‘burrow’ into anywhere they can to either sleep or hide for a while. This also means that there is a danger that the owner might unknowingly sit on his/her beloved pet dog. If you’re lucky ,all you will get is a yelp and at the worst – you might sprain its tail.

Chihuahua is very tough dogs, being able to take a lot of physical activity. Also, Chihuahua is really excitable and their first reaction is to bite if they get frightened or shocked. This means that infants and really small children are really not that suitable to be around them. Also, many owners have also mentioned that Chihuahua does get extremely jealous as once they get attached to someone; they might view the other people with the green eyes monster stare.

Chihuahua also come in a variety of colours which means for the fashion savvy you can colour co-ordinate your new pet choice with the shoes you just bought from Jimmy Choo. These are just some of the things you should note about the Chihuahua. They are a great purchase and they will really add some colour and excitement to your household. Also, they are fiercely loyal and quite comical at times – not to mention that they can be the most adorable things in the world.

With these 3 important tips you must know, you will be better prepared when you do decide to buy one.

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