Boxer Dog Obedience a Problem? 3 Simple Boxer Dog Obedience Strategies

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Boxers are wonderful dogs that many people choose to have because they love the look. However, these are not the easiest dogs to manage or train, and you cannot just leave a boxer on a chain. They require care and consideration, and even some Boxer dog obedience.

Boxers Get Lonely
When you have a boxer, a big part of the boxer training is talking and playing with your dog, and even taking them for a walk. Boxers can get very lonely, and you want to show them enough attention so they feel safe and cared for. If you ignore them, they will get aggressive and hard to train.

Happy Boxers Are Obedient Boxers
Boxers will listen and obey when they are happy…rather than when they are unhappy. The reasons for this is:

1. They are more likely to listen to you

2. They feel safe

3. They feel secure

4. They see you as the alpha

Boxers are much easier to train when you are able to make them happy, and that is a big part of Boxer dog obedience training.

Be Patient
Just like any dog, you should try and be patient with your Boxer puppy. They do learn quickly, but it will take time to get them to learn completely. If you are annoyed, or you make the Boxer dog obedience training something that is not fun, it will only take longer to train the Boxer.

If all else fails, you can take your dog to obedience training to be trained by a professional as well.

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