Best Tips on Dog Training – House Breaking in 4 Easy Steps – Stop Your Dog From Messing Carpets!

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Dog training in house breaking may seem like a daunting task but if one knows the basic principles of effective dog toilet training it becomes easy and straightforward. Just make sure you follow the steps I outlined below and add a bit of patience and consistency and you’ll have your dog house trained in a few weeks. There is one more thing I want to mention before we start. Don’t ever punish your dog! Screaming and hitting your pet will only make him more confused and stressed and can result in further problems with house breaking. Always use positive reinforcement techniques as they work much faster and will make your dog an easy-going and friendly pet.

Dog Training – House Breaking Tip 1 – Create A ‘Den’

Dogs are instinctively looking for a place that could play the role of a den. Not only it provides them with a calm and peaceful environment where they can relax and hide from all the fuss around but forces them to keep it tidy. Dogs are naturally clean animals and they won’t soil their sleeping area unless forced to. Make sure to spend some time with your dog in his new home in order to make him feel comfortable and secure while staying in it.

Dog Training – House Breaking Tip 2 – Schedule The Meals

You need to know that young puppies are not able to control their bladder and colon until they are 12 weeks old and will eliminate almost without warning. You have to monitor their behavior by looking for two main signs of coming poop: circling and sniffing around. As soon as it happens say firmly ‘outside’ and take your dog to the garden where he can finish his business. It is extremely important to regularly schedule meals and always let the dog out within the first 20 minutes after last meal. Older dogs can resist from eliminating for a few hours and this method will let them know that they will have a chance to eliminate outside sooner or later.

Dog Training – House Breaking Tip 3 – Prepare The Toilet Area

You will have to designate a place in your yard where you dog is supposed to eliminate. Make sure to take him there every time he feels the urge and praise for using it. You need to keep the toilet area clean by getting rid of the stools once in a while. Dogs avoid eliminating in a dirty and stinky places and will look for alternatives if forced to (your house is one of them).

Dog Training – House Breaking Tip 4 – Use A Leash

Use a leash to keep your dog within a designated toilet area or his den. Simply attach it to a tree or a heavy piece of furniture in order to prevent your dog from unexpected trips that might end up with a mess on your carpet. This technique works great as it reinforces the good habits of eliminating outside in the spot that was specifically chosen for it.

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