3 Things You Must Include In Your Next E-book Or Report

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3 Things You Must Include In Your Next E-book Or Report

Many people are now using ebooks and reports to promote their business. Sometimes those reports are aimed at turning the reader into a subscriber; sometimes to turn the reader into a customer; and sometimes to turn the reader into a purchaser of an affiliate product.

But whatever the reason you are writing an ebook or report, there are three things you should include every time:

1. A resources section: Let’s say your ebook is about dog-training, and aimed at convincing the reader to join your membership site on dog training tips. Well, as well as writing about your site, you could also include other useful resources:

* Other sites that they might find useful * Other reports or ebooks that they might find useful * Details of some of the best newsletters on dog training * Links to Amazon for books or DVDs on dog training

And so on. And of course, any of these could be your products, affiliate products, or just normal links to normal sites. If your ebook or report is rebrandable, you might even want to include details of the rebranding software that you’re using, with your affiliate link on it.

2. A “freebies” section: As well as reading the report or ebook, let the reader know about other freebies they can get from you. These could be in return for joining your mailing list (if they have not already joined when they downloaded the report), or just a way of saying “thanks” to new subscribers.

Again, these freebies might include affiliate links or links to your own products. They might also be viral tools you use to promote your site, such as rebrandable ebooks.

Or maybe you have a free “dog training hints” newsletter which offers small snippets of information based on your membership site. And
you then use the newsletter to convert free subscribers into paying customers.

3. A “work in progress” section: Do you have other sites that are perhaps not related to dog-training? Share those as well, in case some of your readers are interested. Do you have forthcoming products that you want to promote (perhaps a dog-training DVD set to complement your membership site)?

Write a little bit about those, and point readers to a lead-capture page for that product. Maybe you’re interested in surveying readers of the report – let them know about the survey so that you can get some more feedback. There you go, three things you can include in your report or ebook to help further promote you, your business, and your products.

By: Pedro

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