Small Dog Training-Learn The Easy Way


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 Small dog training is not very hard to do. Most of all if you are new at having a small animal for the first time, you are actually training yourself to train your dog. You will find that when trying to house break your dog its not hard to do. You will find that a puppy will sleep a lot while growing. So when the dog wakes up, put it on its leash and take the pup outside. Use the same area over and over until it gets the idea. Plus you would do the same prior to and after a meal until the dog tells you that it needs to go outside. While your small dog is sniffing around make no sounds or commands until the dog starts to do its business . At which time you would use a command or word that the dog will recognize each time it goes.


While your small dog training and when it comes to obedience training I find it useful to use a little piece of dried liver bits. You would train the dog to do whatever you want and reward it each time with a single small piece of dried liver bits or whatever type of treat your dog likes or tolerates.


Another note as you practice training your dog is, when you take your dog for a walk I would recommend the use of a harness that goes around the chest and belly where the leash hooks onto the clasp in the center of the back.. This way if you have a neck collar on there, it would be stress put against the throat causing coughing or choking.



While out walking your dog carry treats . You can teach your dog how to walk beside you using the word heel. Reward if needed. When out walking your dog and you stop give the dog the word sit. If the dog does not gently show it how to sit and reward with a treat. Continue walking stopping several times using the command to sit plus giving a treat . You would continue your walk having the dog do what you are training it to do at the time using treats. As it becomes second nature to the dog to do what you command it to do give a treat when you think its right thing to do and give yourself a pat on the back too for putting into practice your new skill of small dog training mastery.


Click Here to learn all the secrets to dog training you will ever need to know
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